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AFA-graded KO Frenzy/Laserbeak on Ebay

Da_Last_2_Walk from TFW spotted this AFA-graded counterfeit Frenzy/Laserbeak on Ebay:

This was graded back in 2006, when they had just come out, and AFA didn't know how to spot the knockoffs yet.

Sunstreaker counterfeit out

Counterfeit Octane and Springer out

Boxed Counterfeit Shockwave will be out shortly

The loose counterfeit Shockwave is already out, and it's looking like the boxed version will be out any day now:
(The auction uses a real Shockwave box for the picture, apparently, even though he's a counterfeit seller.)

Counterfeit G1 Superion Giftset out

Buster Darkwings on the Allspark just reported that there is a knockoff Superion giftset now. More information and picture here:

4/17 Update--Here's a quick ID guide. I didn't have much to work with, so this guide may evolve as more pictures come in...

Reissue ID Guide updated

I've updated the 1990's Reissue ID Guide with a couple toys that I had previously left out of the 1990's Chinese reissue list:

  • Sunstreaker
  • Inferno
  • Tracks
  • Blitzwing
  • Sixshot
  • Leozack (probably released in very small quantities)

I'm also looking for images of the following possible Chinese reissues: Sideswipe, Slag, Swoop, Blaster, Scourge, Thrust, Dirge, and the Insecticons. If you have images of them, contact me so I can confirm their existence and add them to the list.

Funny Ebay auction -- AFA up-side-down Cyclonus

Here's something you don't see everyday--an AFA-graded up-side-down Cyclonus! No, it's not a rare mispack. The auction states that the box is "factory sealed on left sides of the box." In other words, the right side is unsealed, and either the seller or AFA mispacked the card/bubble part so that it's facing the wrong direction. Whoops! :P

Prowl counterfeit ID guide, plus other news

If you follow TFW's thread for IDing counterfeits, you've already seen the Prowl ID guide I came up with a few weeks back. I've been busy, so I'm just now getting around to putting it on the site:

Also, tfw poster blahduh just posted a link to a page showing an upcoming counterfeit Shockwave.

Lastly, in case you haven't heard, Kiditoys has been putting their counterfeit Metroplex in Encore packaging. Some stores got duped--It sucks. Here's a thread about it with some more info.

Counterfeit Metroplex ID Guide Up!

The Counterfeit Metroplex ID Guide is up now as well! Check it out here

Counterfeit ID Guide updated with in-depth cassette guides

Finally, I've updated the counterfeit ID guide with in-depth ID guides for Frenzy/Laserbeak and Ravage/Rumble. I've also added better information to the main ID guide for IDing counterfeit Ratbat/Frenzy. Check everything out in the Counterfeit ID Guide section.

I think you guys will be very happy with these. It turns out the Ratbat set is VERY easy to ID. And the Frenzy/Laserbeak and Ravage/Rumble both have enough tells that it's not too difficult. Enjoy!

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