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Watch out for Fake Headmaster heads!! Spike, Zarak, Kirk, Lione, Loafer, Rodney, Shuffler, Trizer

Right now we're in the middle of a deluge of fake headmasters! I usually don't report on small loose figures like this, but given the value of certain headmasters, people are likely to get ripped off, so here goes:

1. For starters, several sellers on Ebay have been selling fake Spikes, Zaraks, and the Masterforce versions of the two. They have been going for almost $100 each with no notice to buyers that they are fakes:

2. Elrodthealbino is reproducing Lione--one of the very expensive and rare Japanese exclusive headmaster heads. It's in reverse colors, but it's still a little tricky to tell apart from the original:

3. But here's the real kicker: Chinese counterfeiters are going to be making knockoffs of ALL SIX JAPANESE HEADMASTER HEADS (Kirk, Loafer, etc.). These will be in the same colors as the original, so they will be VERY hard to tell apart from the originals. These will be out in a few weeks, so be careful! I don't have a link for the info, but trust me that the source is reliable. Be careful, everyone...

Edit--UPDATE!! The normal color, white version, and original black version knockoffs of Shuffler are already out...