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Counterfeit Constructicons, individually carded

The Constructicons were already counterfeited by Zhong Jin in gift set packaging, but now they're making carded counterfeits as well, and they'll be out really soon. TFW has pictures:

Devastator counterfeits

How can you tell the difference with the carded ones? Also, is the a "dead give away" with the giftset?

Devastator counterfeits

Actually, am I right that the easy tell would be the missing serial number on the lower right front of the card?

Yeah, I think that's

Yeah, I think that's probably the easiest way, from what I've read on TFW.

Devastator counterfeits - giftset

Any dead give-aways with the Devastator giftsets? I read the Counterfeit guide, but when I'm searching on Ebay it's freakin' hard to tell them apart. Is there any absolute tell? Or a question that I can ask the seller about something on the box that would be a signal?