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Need help with ID guides for recent knockoffs

I've been out of the loop for a while, so I haven't put up ID guides for these more recent counterfeits:

Carded Constructicons
Red Alert

Any ID tips would be appreciated. Pictures would also be great--even if you have just the original or just the counterfeit. I'll try to get cracking on these soon.


I was wondering if someone could tell me if the "Gears" figure I have is legit. It only says Takara Japan on his leg. No ltd, Hasbro or anything else. Any help would be greatful.

Re: Gears

Gears has not been counterfeited yet, so it's not fake. "Takara Japan" is a legit stamping (though even the fakes have legit stampings).

Sunstreaker Guide

I have done a comparison for the Sunstreaker toy here if you want to link to it.
Dan :D

Thanks for the help! Just

Thanks for the help! Just added it to the Sunstreaker section :)


Feel free to use my pictures if you need them for your guide:

Red Alert:

I also need to add pictures of Sideswipe and Scavenger. There is a thread about the KO Constructicons on tfw2005. I compared KO Octane with the original when it was released and I noticed a couple of obvious differences. I don't remember the details right now but I'll check this out later and will post an update.

These are going to be very

These are going to be very helpful. Thanks a ton!


Here are a few things I have noticed about the Defensor reissue. This information comes from me comparing the KO to online pictures of other collectors, I have the KO but not the original boxset. First and foremost a good telltale sign of the KO is that the bots do not have ANY stickers applied. Of course this is only if the box is sealed. Second, I did not find any tape on either side of the KO box so it is virtually impossible to determine if a box has been opened or not (kind of negating the first point). Third, the Styrofoam insert has a ridged design around the outside where the original looks to be just a plain rectangle. Fourth on the rear of the box the fourth picture of Defensor along the right side (being assembled in gestalt mode) First Aid is too close to the edge of the box. On the original he is further away. That is all I have found so far, I'd be happy to provide pictures of the KO if someone want to provide pictures of the original.