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Counterfeit ID Guide... Completed?!!

Yep, finally got around to adding in all the missing ID guides. I've added:

* Octane
* Springer
* Defensor
* Red Alert
* Sideswipe
* Menasor
* Superion
* Carded Constructicons

If I've missed anything, let me know, but I believe the guide now covers all counterfeits released to date.

Laserbeak/Buzzsaw's Weapons

How do I know which is real and which is fake. Just got one on e-bay that looks better then the ones I had and now I am not sure which is which


Wondering if you can help with a G1 Bluestreak box.......

This one I got cheap so not to upset if it turns out to be a phony, the age on the box says 6 & up.

Im used to seeing 5 & up

This box is a "R" one so it belongs with a rubsign figure I believe.

Re: Bluestreak

There is no G1 Bluestreak KO box yet; KO Bluestreak has only been released loose. That said, people to make custom repro boxes that are very close to the original.

The "Ages X & up" line can vary.

Maybe you can post a link to a picture?


Not to savy with the link stuff, but check out ebay listing # 221003551438.

Thanks again looking forward to hearing what you think. Ive taken alot of pics of the known phony areas hoping to give you as much detail as possible.

Re: Bluestreak

Is it the same one you listed for sale as Ebay item 221001493720?

The only thing that looks suspicious to me is the space between the box art and the top of the box. In 221003551438, it looks like there is too much space, but it could just be the angle/lighting. In 221001493720, it looks normal.

The more I look at it, the more I think it is just a weird angle/lighting. I'd say it's legit.