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May 2011 News Round-Up

Here's a quick summary of recent counterfeit TF news:

  • I've added a short ID guide for ID-ing a loose Counterfeit Menasor. If anyone has any other ID tips, leave a comment and I'll add it to the list.
  • Counterfeit Japanese Dino cassettes and Slamdance and Squawkbox are coming. They're not from Zhong Jin or Kidi Toys. They are being commissioned by the infamous Mike from KO Toys. He's been posting updates regularly on his web site about them. It sounds like they're almost done, complete with boxes and cards.
  • Reflector is being re-released by Zhong Jin in an original box that looks more like a normal G1 box, not a mailer box. It's easy to tell from the original because, of course, all American Reflectors came in a mailer box.