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On Ebay: Knockoff Beachcomber AFA-graded as original

I had heard about these, but had never seen one in person. The anecdote goes like this: Back when the 2005+ counterfeit G1 Transformers started coming out, AFA was none-the-wiser and graded a bunch of Beachcombers as originals. Supposedly when they found out, they bought back all the ones they could find in order to fix the problem. Since then they have apparently been labeling them "1990's China Reissue", which is still not the right label for these (there were licensed 1990's Chinese reissues, but this 2005+ knockoff is not one).

Anyway, there's an auction for one of the graded-as-original knockoffs up on Ebay right now with no indication at all that it's the knockoff. Proof that at one time AFA screwed up really, really badly. Check it out:

Link to Ebay Auction

The clear giveaway I look for is the centered holepunch. No real minibot has every come that way. Even the 1990's Chinese release has the normal off-center hole-punch. Only the knockoffs come with a centered hole-punch. (There are other giveaways too, of course.)