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KO Menasor ID Guide

Box Differences:

  • Like many Zhong Jin fakes, the sun burst behind the character art does not have a "glow"around it.  Instead, the transition from sun burst to purple background is abrupt.  See title image above.
  • Rub signs do not come pre-applied.  They come on a separate sticker sheet that you have to apply yourself.  See title image above.
  • There's too much purple in the "Transformers" logo and not enough black.  See example below:

  • No space between Motormaster's art and name on the counterfeit.  See example below:

Toy differences

  • Counterfeit Breakdown's hood uses white eyes and detailing for the Decepticon logo.  A real Breakdown should have red eyes and detailing on the Decepticon logo.  See example below:

  • Motormaster has two extra circles above his head.  He also has two circles jutting out next to his neck as well.  The original only has very subtle circles next to the neck that do not jut out.  See example below:

  • A real Motormaster has silver plastic with many noticible swirls in it.  The counterfeit has a slightly flatter silver/gray plastic with fewer and less noticible swirls.
  • As mentioned above, the buyer has to apply the rub signs himself, and many have applied them facing the wrong direction, since they look fine facing either way.  So if you find a Stunticon with the rub sign facing the wrong way, it's likely a fake.
  • In general, the stickers are cut sloppier and there is an extra thick grey border on many stickers, especially the Decepticon symbols.

Other Notes:

  • The current version of the counterfeit Menasor DOES come with Motormaster's stripes pre-applied (the version shown in the title photo is an early release that didn't have this).  I think it's important to mention this fact, because TFW2005's counterfeit ID guide incorrectly states that Motormaster lacks these stickers, and I don't want people to get confused...