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KO Astrotrain ID Guide

This ID guide is based off a countefeit box flat image that was put up recently--that is why there's no toy in the box.  The counterfeit has not come out at the time I've written this ID guide, but it will probably come out soon.

There are no really obvious tells like typos, missing details, etc. for the counterfeit.  Instead, it has a lot of slight differences, many of which are shared with other countefeits from Zhong Jin.

Box Differences:

  • Like many Zhong Jin fakes, the sun burst behind the character art does not look right.  It's an extremely bright yellow and it just doesn't have the same gradual fade around it that the real thing does.  Also, the grid lines are hard to see inside the sunburst on the fake.
  • The grid lines are thicker and brighter.  They really stand out on the fake.  This is also fairly common among the Zhong Jin counterfeits.
  • On the fake, the bottom left edge of the sunburst only extends one or two grid boxes out from beneath Astrotrain's foot.  The real thing extends several grid boxes out.
  • On the counterfeit, the fade from black to purple in the background has too much black, not enough purple.
  • On the fake, there is no space between the "Transformers" logo and the trademark "(R)" symbol.