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Weirdwolf ID Guide

  • First off, there's no rub sign pre-applied on the counterfeit.  It comes on a separate sticker sheet.
  • The original also has a pre-applied Decepticon sticker that the counterfeit lacks.  It too comes on a separate sticker sheet.

  • The font for "HEADMASTER WEIRDWOLF" is off.  The "R" in particular looks totally wrong, and the "O" doesn't look right either.
  • On the real thing, the yellow color behind "WEIRDWOLF" is a bit muted, close to the color of Weirdwolf himself.  On the counterfeit, the yellow is a bright neon.

  • The grid on the real box is present above Weirdwolf's box art, just darker.  On the counterfeit, it goes completely black.
  • The vents above Weirdwolf's shoulders in the artwork are too dark and hard to see on the counterfeit.

  • On the counterfeit, the white outline around the "Transformers" logo is very faint and hard to see.
  • On the counterfeit, the fade behind "EVIL DECEPTICON" is basically missing.
  • The purple in the logo is way too saturated on the counterfeit.

  • The counterfeit's artwork is a bit further away from the edge of the box.


I would like to know if the powers of the latest edition of weirdwolf Ko in the chest (speed, strength, intelligence) are correct: 6-6-10 or they are wrong ....

IDing loose KO Weirdwolf

Robotkingdom posted pics on FB of a loose KO Weirdwolf & I compared it to my own. I'm pasting what I posted there:

My Weirdwolf's trademark says 1987, not 1986. The original wolf head has red paint that fill up the entire eye. The KO has pink paint that does not fill the eye.

Looking at my original Monzo head, I can see that on the original, the cheek vents are sharper; there is no recessed fill hole on the upper right head crest; the fill holes on the eyes are closer to the outside & much smaller; and on back edge of Monzo's head at the bottom, the edges are smoother.

Weirdwolf - Lying collectors?

Your posts help collectors.

Thanks for the guide. I should have waited for the guide; but one of the sellers on ecrater was telling me that he bought the items 3 years and it was a fair price at 130+. Keep posting; will save future collectors like me from making the weird wolf mistake, again.

While the box doesn't look promising, the figure does. I was wondering how do I compare figures? I finally took the item out of the package. The figure themselves looks pretty aged but well cared for with stickers, some dust, really dark yellow with a int of OJ body, and other small lint stuff.