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Grandslam / Raindance ID Guide

Note: Because the backing card is so close to the original, it may be easier to compare the cassettes.  See below.

  • Grandslam's artwork is too close to the left edge of the card on the counterfeit.
  • The outline of "TRANSFORMERS" is extremely faint on the counterfeit.

  • "AUTOBOT" in "HEROIC AUTOBOT" is shifted down rather than centered.

  • For Grandslam, the font on "60" is too thick on the fake.  This really stands out, even in the packaging.  "A" is the wrong font on the counterfeit, too.
  • Counterfeit Grandslam is missing his Autobot symbol.
  • The circles around the cassette holes are too thin on the counterfeit.
  • The grey pegs beneath the gold details are painted gold on the counterfeit.

  • The text "MC60" is too small on the counterfeit.  This also really strands out in the packaging.
  • The black horizontal line is too high on the counterfeit--it is supposed to be basically touching the screw.
  • The center screw is painted silver on the counterfeit.
  • Various other details are off as well.