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AFA graded another counterfeit...

Here's some surprisingly news. In December 2012, AFA graded a Ravage/Rumble counterfeit as a real vintage Transformers toy. You can see it here:

AFA-Graded counterfeit on Ebay

It's too bad they didn't look at the ID guide on this site before authenticating the item. The last time this happened that we know of was back around 2006, so they've had a pretty good track record up to this point. That said, if you are claiming to be the experts in toy authentication, this should really never happen, ever.

When people emailed AFA to point out the problem, they got this response:

AFA stands behind all graded and authenticated items that later prove to be inauthentic or otherwise should not have been graded. This happens on very rare occasions. We are aware of the latest one on eBay, and that auction was ended.

Our graders conduct lengthy and thorough research, and we make every effort to see that errors do not occur. That said, on the rare occasion that something like that happens, again, we guarantee each and every grading and authentication.

Please let us know if you have further questions. We appreciate your support and trust in our company.

People agree that this response is pretty confusing. They seem to admit they screwed up, but they "stand behind" and "guaruntee" the authentication? Oh well...