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KO Gnaw ID Guide

Gnaw Counterfeit ID Guide

  1. On the real Gnaw, on the Decepticon logo, the area above the eyes is black.  On the counterfeit, it's purple.
  2. On the fake, Gnaw is positioned too far to the right in the packaging.
  3. On the fake, the window cut below the gun artwork is too fat.
  4. On the fake, a small section of purple grid is visible below the arm near the right edge.

Other differences:

  • The purple on the packaging is too 'red' on the counterfeit.
  • The sunburst on the counterfeit is too sharp; the original is blurrier around the edges.
  • Some come with the golden sticker of the Japanese mail-in version.  Others do not.
  • On early runs of the counterfeit, Gnaw's face is not painted.  On later runs, it is painted, like on a real Gnaw.
  • On the counterfeit, the bubble has usually fallen off the card (weak glue) or is stapled in place.