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What's next for HighEndTFs? Let us know what you want!

There haven't been a lot of updates on this website recently, and in a way, that's a good thing. Zhong Jin hasn't produced any fake G1 toys in a long time. But I'd still like to keep updating this site, so how do you guys want this site to expand in the future? Which of these sounds most useful to you?
  • KO ID guides for Masterpiece figures
  • KO ID guides for movie TF figures (Leader Optimus, Human Alliance, etc.)
  • More in-depth ID guides for G1 knockoffs, including out-of-packaging comparisons
  • 'In Stock'/'Restock' notification service for Toys R Us, HasbroToyShop, Amazon, etc.
  • More Headrobots exclusives
Let me know where the interest is and I'll start getting to work on the new sections of the site.

Sqauk Box

Transformers Fan

How did you get that ko sqauk box and how much was it? That ko smokescreen was AWESOME!! IS there a hound counter-fit?

Re: Sqauk Box

That's someone else's, not mine. I'm not sure how much they cost these days. They were being sold a few years ago. It sounded like the quality was pretty bad.

There is no Hound counterfeit.

Optimus Prime KO?

I've seen an Optimus Prime for sale, there is a very thin grey line above the trailer but all the other text / graphic alignments are right. Is this a KO or not? The seller also has an Ultra Magnus and Metroplex which pass all the tests I've seen or read about.

Re: Optimus Prime KO?

There are some Optimus Primes with a thin grey line at the top. I had a European release MISB Optimus that had one. If none of the other differences are there, I'd say it's real.

NEW Astrotrain KO

I've seen this on ebay for £35 inc postage. Is this a new KO?, if so who by?

Is it a Zhong Jin?

Re: NEW Astrotrain KO

...Not new, maybe just not very well known? I have an ID Guide for it here from back in 2011:


Ah yes, it's the same KO. The KO has no rub sticker on Astrotrain, might be loose inside the box.

What I would like to see

I am a new collector and I'm not at all interested in any toys in boxes cause I like to be able to handle and cuddle my little treasures. I need more ko guides for loose bots and some sort of check list were all known kos are listed. Kthanxbye! /Sideswipe

G1 KO's

When are you going to add guides for G1 Predaking KO and G1 Sixshot KO?

More guides for loose bots please!

Re: G1 KO's

Yeah, sorry I haven't posted about those before. They haven't been high priority for me, because they're really easy to tell apart in the box (and for Sixshot, out of the box, too).

Both of the knockoffs are by the same people that did Scorponok (Cat-Toys). The Predaking KO comes in packaging with outer box like the original Japanese release, and plastic insert similar to the Japanese reissues. It is marked with "KO TOYS" and "CAT TOYS" logos on the lower right of the back of the box, so it's pretty easy to identify. The mold they use is actually identical to a previous knockoff Predaking release, they just colored it correctly and released it in nicer packaging.

The Sixshot is actually shrunken down from the original Sixshot's size. He comes in a little brown cardboard box that says "GREATSHOT" on it. Again, it's a re-release of a previous knockoff.

Lastly, there's also an oversized Hardhead from the same company. He comes on a big blister card, and again, he's just a correctly colored re-release of a previous knockoff.

I hope that was helpful!


The Sixshot undersized KO comes in a brown box with stickers unapplied and a tiny instruction sheet. The colours are wrong too. I didnt like it and sold it on.




Having pretty much completed my G1 MI(S)B collection and using your guide as my bible I am massively into the Masterpiece line now, and well, unfortunately like the G1 figures it has become a minefield. I would love if this site branches out into the MP fake comparisons to help everyone out. I have just ordered an admitted KO MP Red Alert just so I can compare it to my original and would be more than happy to contribute. MP-10 Cab only KO has just come out, to me this is a big move by the fake brigade as this item is so highly sought after. Also if possible more in depth out of package guides to G1 KO's would be great and perhaps going as far as their accessories differences.