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KO Masterpiece Ratbat ID Guide

Cax6ton put together an ID guide for Masterpiece Ratbat counterfeits. Check it out here:

(Scroll up for a few additional comparison pictures as well.)

Thanks to RoboticPlanet for pointing this gem out.

KO Scorponok ID Guide

KO Smokescreen: slipped under the radar?

If you blinked, you may have missed the KO Smokescreen that came out a couple months ago. Searching around on Taobao and ioffer, I can't find anybody selling it right now, so it seems like they did not produce very many. Scratchdesk bought one when they were available, and made a great ID guide you can check out here:

Counterfeit Gnaw ID Guide Updated

The Gnaw ID Guide has been updated to add some more differences and better pictures:

KO Scorponok out in July, KO Computron + Abominus out now

After a brief hiatus, it looks like the KOs are back. Computron and Abominus are apparently out right now. Computron uses the same box as the version 2 scam box in the ID Guide linked to below. Abominus comes in an English-language gift set, which never existed before, so it should be easy to spot. Scorponok is slated for July.

Scorponok: (note: may not be actual KO box)

Edit--Correction: looks like the two boxed combiners may not be out just yet. Haven't seen any on Taobao so far, at least. Will keep you guys posted.

Highendtfs x Headrobots "Skel-E-Tron" kit released

Highendtfs in collaboration with Headrobots have released an upgrade kit for Botcon Gigatron: Skel-E-Tron! Limited to only 200, pick yours up here:

US orders:

International orders:

Squawktalk/Beastbox and Grandslam/Raindance ID Guides up!

Squawktalk/Beastbox and Grandslam/Raindance ID Guides up! Check them out here:



Weirdwolf ID Guide Up!

Weirdwolf ID Guide is now up:

KO Blitzwing out, KO Astrotrain out soon - ID Guides are already up

Counterfeit Blitzwing is out, including packaging. Astrotrain is coming soon.

ID guides already up here:
Astrotrain counterfeit ID guide
Blitzwing counterfeit ID guide

May 2011 News Round-Up

Here's a quick summary of recent counterfeit TF news:

  • I've added a short ID guide for ID-ing a loose Counterfeit Menasor. If anyone has any other ID tips, leave a comment and I'll add it to the list.
  • Counterfeit Japanese Dino cassettes and Slamdance and Squawkbox are coming. They're not from Zhong Jin or Kidi Toys. They are being commissioned by the infamous Mike from KO Toys. He's been posting updates regularly on his web site about them. It sounds like they're almost done, complete with boxes and cards.
  • Reflector is being re-released by Zhong Jin in an original box that looks more like a normal G1 box, not a mailer box. It's easy to tell from the original because, of course, all American Reflectors came in a mailer box.
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