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Blue and white versions of counterfeit Bumblebee

There are blue and white versions of the counterfeit Bumblebee coming out.

Two real white versions exist: Ehobby Bugbite and white Mexican Bumblebee. Bugbite has a Cartoon Bumblebee head and Mexican Bumblebee had a read red faceplate. In contrast, the counterfeit has a silver faceplate and an original toy Bumblebee head. So that's one easy way to tell the difference out of package.

The counterfeit blue Bumblebee appears to be based on the rare Mexican variant. One major difference is that the counterfeit has a rub sign chest sticker, but the original has a normal chest sticker.

Pics of counterfeits:

Pics of white and blue Mexican Bumblebee:

Counterfeit ID Guide... Completed?!!

Yep, finally got around to adding in all the missing ID guides. I've added:

* Octane
* Springer
* Defensor
* Red Alert
* Sideswipe
* Menasor
* Superion
* Carded Constructicons

If I've missed anything, let me know, but I believe the guide now covers all counterfeits released to date.

HighendTFs Toy Store is up!

Check out the new HighendTFs toy store:

It's got a couple AFA-graded Transformers and a bunch of Korean and Japanese import toys from Galaxy Force, Brave Series, Go-Onger, etc. I'll be trying to integrate it better into the main site in the coming weeks. Thanks!

Prowl counterfeit ID guide, plus other news

If you follow TFW's thread for IDing counterfeits, you've already seen the Prowl ID guide I came up with a few weeks back. I've been busy, so I'm just now getting around to putting it on the site:

Also, tfw poster blahduh just posted a link to a page showing an upcoming counterfeit Shockwave.

Lastly, in case you haven't heard, Kiditoys has been putting their counterfeit Metroplex in Encore packaging. Some stores got duped--It sucks. Here's a thread about it with some more info.

Counterfeit Metroplex ID Guide Up!

The Counterfeit Metroplex ID Guide is up now as well! Check it out here

Counterfeit ID Guide updated with in-depth cassette guides

Finally, I've updated the counterfeit ID guide with in-depth ID guides for Frenzy/Laserbeak and Ravage/Rumble. I've also added better information to the main ID guide for IDing counterfeit Ratbat/Frenzy. Check everything out in the Counterfeit ID Guide section.

I think you guys will be very happy with these. It turns out the Ratbat set is VERY easy to ID. And the Frenzy/Laserbeak and Ravage/Rumble both have enough tells that it's not too difficult. Enjoy!

Counterfeit Cyclonus, Scourge, and Wheeljack are out

Counterfeit Cyclonus, Scourge, and Wheeljack are out now. We thought that maybe they would stop making them since they're not allowed on Ebay anymore, but apparently they'll continue. Oh well. Anyway, I just added ID guides for the counterfeit Cyclonus and Scourge that just came out. Check them out in the G1 Counterfeit ID Guide, or click on them here:


Reissue/Counterfeit ID guide WIP is up

A work-in-progress of a reissue/counterfeit ID guide is up. It's aimed at distinguishing 1980's US releases from subsequent reissues and counterfeits that look nearly identical. (Note that this does not include the recent Hasbro and Takara reissues--I'm talking mainly about the 1990's Chinese ones.) Click the link on the menu above to go to it.

Welcome to!

Welcome to! The site is still very early in development, but I'm hoping to make it a great resource for collectors of high-end Transformers toys, including MISB, AFA graded, Lucky Draw, Prototypes, and more. I plan to include on the site a news section, some collecting guides, a forum, and so on. Right now the site is pretty bare, but feel free to leave a message by registering on the site and then leaving a comment at the bottom of this article.

Thanks for stopping by!

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