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Counterfeit ID Guide Reorganized / Updated

Just did some cleanup on the Counterfeit ID Guide, updating it with the most current list of counterfeits and reorganizing it alphabetically. It should be a little easier to use now. Check it out in the links up top.

Faked AFA Transformers

TFW has a story about how someone in China (Ebay user girltf) created and sold a fake AFA G1 Sludge. The main article is a bit fear-mongering-ish, but the thread that originated it is very, very interesting:

My understanding is that this is a KO Sludge put inside of a legit box, tape unsealed. The item is fairly convincing, but as tfwers observed, the acrylic box's edges are rough and the glue has a lot more air bubbles than normal.

I like this advice from one user: "As others have stated, do your research, get plenty of pictures, contact AFA, and ask advice from some veteran members here. Most scammers are pretty well known in the community."

Here are my thoughts, which I also posted in the thread:


Need help with ID guides for recent knockoffs

I've been out of the loop for a while, so I haven't put up ID guides for these more recent counterfeits:

Carded Constructicons
Red Alert

Any ID tips would be appreciated. Pictures would also be great--even if you have just the original or just the counterfeit. I'll try to get cracking on these soon.

HighendTFs Store

HighendTFs Toy Store is up!

Check out the new HighendTFs toy store:

It's got a couple AFA-graded Transformers and a bunch of Korean and Japanese import toys from Galaxy Force, Brave Series, Go-Onger, etc. I'll be trying to integrate it better into the main site in the coming weeks. Thanks!

Counterfeit Headmaster comparison, plus easy tell for ID-ing!

Megamus at TFW has taken some photos of the fake Spike, Zarak, and Black Zarak Scorponok:

Quote: "With all of them you can mainly tell by the rivets. The original is smooth and is actually a rivet. The reproduction is more of a metal rod that has been drilled to mushroom the head."

This should definitely help those trying to differentiate the fakes from the real thing.

Counterfeit Constructicons, individually carded

The Constructicons were already counterfeited by Zhong Jin in gift set packaging, but now they're making carded counterfeits as well, and they'll be out really soon. TFW has pictures:

Watch out for Fake Headmaster heads!! Spike, Zarak, Kirk, Lione, Loafer, Rodney, Shuffler, Trizer

Right now we're in the middle of a deluge of fake headmasters! I usually don't report on small loose figures like this, but given the value of certain headmasters, people are likely to get ripped off, so here goes:

1. For starters, several sellers on Ebay have been selling fake Spikes, Zaraks, and the Masterforce versions of the two. They have been going for almost $100 each with no notice to buyers that they are fakes:

2. Elrodthealbino is reproducing Lione--one of the very expensive and rare Japanese exclusive headmaster heads. It's in reverse colors, but it's still a little tricky to tell apart from the original:

3. But here's the real kicker: Chinese counterfeiters are going to be making knockoffs of ALL SIX JAPANESE HEADMASTER HEADS (Kirk, Loafer, etc.). These will be in the same colors as the original, so they will be VERY hard to tell apart from the originals. These will be out in a few weeks, so be careful! I don't have a link for the info, but trust me that the source is reliable. Be careful, everyone...

Edit--UPDATE!! The normal color, white version, and original black version knockoffs of Shuffler are already out...

G1 Counterfeit ID Guide updated with toy ID Guides.

I mentioned this in one of the "comments" sections of the site previously--there are some very good counterfeit toy ID guides on Chinese sites. They're made by a user named coolyooyu. Even though they are in Chinese, the pictures and visual cues do an excellent job showing you the differences. I've added all of them to the G1 Counterfeit ID Guide: Devastator, Scourge, Grimlock, Sludge, Slag, Wheeljack, Prowl, and Springer.

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