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AFA price increase effective January 12, 2007

If you're an AFA graded toy collector or seller, you've probably noticed that AFA is raising their grading prices as of January 12, 2007. Anything postmarked January 12th or later gets the new prices.

How much of a change was it? Here is the old price chart. Here is the new price chart.

Here's a quick run-down: Prices for grading modern standard-sized toys (E.g. carded TFs made 1990 or later) have stayed the same. Prices for grading regular vintage standard-sized toys (E.g., carded TFs made before 1990, Autobot cars, Decepticon jets) have gone up about $5 or $10. As for prices for custom size toys (e.g., pretty much anything I haven't mentioned), price changes vary--some tiers have stayed the same, some have gone up $5 or $10, and the bigger sizes have gone up as much as $25.

Also, they appear to have a new tier for mailer items.