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Counterfeit Frenzy / Laserbeak ID Guide

Before we start, note that there are actually TWO versions of the counterfeit Frenzy / Laserbeak card, and the cards have different tells.  So be careful and test for both counterfeit cards.  In this guide, I'll call the older version "version 1" and the newer version "version 2".

Real US versus Version #1 counterfeit

  • The (R) at the end of "Transformers" is too close to the final "S" on the counterfeit.  See example below:
  • "The" in the logo is too far down.  See example below:

Real US versus Version #2 counterfeit

  • The sunburst in the background is slightly too large.  Note how it goes slightly above the top of the grid lines.  The original stops before the top of the grid lines.  See example below.

Real US versus BOTH counterfeit versions

  • The fade from black to purple in the background starts too high on the counterfeit.  See the title image above.
  • The screws/rivots in Frenzy's arms are flat and shiny on the counterfeit, instead of dark and with a hole in the center.  This is a great tell.  I recommend using it.  (Note for those trying to ID loose Frenzys that on the robot side of some real Frenzys, this piece is indeed flat, but never the cassette side.)
  • The ribbon sticker in the center of the cassette toys isn't bright enough on the counterfeit.  See title image above.  But light can play tricks in auction pictures, so this may not be the best tell to use.

Differences That SOMETIMES Work for BOTH counterfeit versions

  • If the "Transformers" logo has an "(R)" and no rubsign, it's a counterfeit.  Pre-Rub Transformers almost always have a "TM".  For a Pre-Rub to have a "R" is very, very rare (and likely a factory mistake).  Note, however, that some counterfeit Frenzy / Laserbeaks DO have a rubsign, so this tell can't always be used.
  • If there is a Rumble cassette sticker on Frenzy, then it's a counterfeit.  Rumble stickers have a red stripe instead of a blue or purple stripe.  (See example image below.)  Note, however, that many counterfeit Frenzys have the correct sticker, so this doesn't always work.
  • If Frenzy has dark hips, it's probably a counterfeit.  This is a tricky one.  Basically, there are two versions of real Frenzys: light blue hips with metal toes, and dark hips with dark plastic toes.  The light blue hips version is the more common version.  The counterfeit only comes with dark hips, so if you see a Frenzy / Laserbeak where Frenzy has dark hips, then it's likely a counterfeit.  But, since some dark-hipped real Frenzys exist, check all the other signs as well.  Here's an example of a counterfeit Frenzy, which always has dark hips: