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Prowl counterfeit ID guide, plus other news

If you follow TFW's thread for IDing counterfeits, you've already seen the Prowl ID guide I came up with a few weeks back. I've been busy, so I'm just now getting around to putting it on the site:

Also, tfw poster blahduh just posted a link to a page showing an upcoming counterfeit Shockwave.

Lastly, in case you haven't heard, Kiditoys has been putting their counterfeit Metroplex in Encore packaging. Some stores got duped--It sucks. Here's a thread about it with some more info.

Prowl KO

Has anyone compared a loose KO to the original, I may have bought a loose KO recently but havent found any comparisons that can guide me everything that i have seen deals with the boxes.

I have compared him to my original and here is what I have found. the hip stickers on the original read 2800 with Z-P underneath the number. the possible KO's reads 2002 with 09 underneath it.

also, the Date stamp on the original reads (c) hasbro 1980 1982 on his right foot. japanese writing, (c) takara co. ltd japan 1980 1982 on his left.

the KO has (c)hasbro 1980 1982 on his right foot. Japanese writing, (c) takara co. ltd (a bar where the japan is on the original) 1980 1982 on his right.

everything else is identical.

can anyone tell me if the potential KO is a KO and if so whose??