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G1 Counterfeit ID Guide updated with toy ID Guides.

I mentioned this in one of the "comments" sections of the site previously--there are some very good counterfeit toy ID guides on Chinese sites. They're made by a user named coolyooyu. Even though they are in Chinese, the pictures and visual cues do an excellent job showing you the differences. I've added all of them to the G1 Counterfeit ID Guide: Devastator, Scourge, Grimlock, Sludge, Slag, Wheeljack, Prowl, and Springer.

Lost in translation

How do you navigate his site? I obviously can't read anything. Help?

Each link should take you

Each link should take you directly to the article. You shouldn't need to do any navigating. Maybe you just didn't scroll down on the page enough?

Re: Each link should take you

I wrote the "Lost in translation" post. What I meant was, everything on coolyooyu's website is in Japanese. Any way to decipher any of it?


Great links thanks - heres one for shockwave I stumbled upon if you want to add it to your list!