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Quipaul Computron Box ID Guide

HighendTFs Counterfeit ID Guide: Qiupaul Computron Box


Here's the scoop on these Qiupaul Computron boxes: For about two or three years, Ebay seller Qiupaul (aka mcdolltutu) has been intermittently selling a surprising number of MIB Computron gift sets on Ebay.  The boxes were roughed up to look like vintage boxes, but they had one very subtle difference from a real Computron box: they're missing the little arrow next to the "TECH SPECS Clip and Save!" blurb on the back of the box. The scam was probably to make reproduction Computron packaging, buy a loose gift set, and resell everything together as MIB for a $300 profit.

More recently, Qiupaul has been selling a second version of the fake box, this time labeling it as fake rather than scamming people.  This version has more differences than the first version.  This ID guide covers both versions of the fake box.

First Version: Sold "MIB" with toy inside

On the counterfeit, there is no little arrow to the left of the "TECH SPECS, Clip and Save!" blurp.  The blurb is also very slightly higher than the top of the tech spec's top edge, instead of being perfectly aligned with it. The second version has this difference as well.

Second Version: Sold as a reproduction box

There is one pretty obvious difference on the front of the box, and many small differences on the back of the box.  Have a look:

On the counterfeit, Lightspeed's foot is stepping in front of the "TECHNOBOT SUPER WARRIOR" text.

On the group shot on the counterfeit, Scattershot and Strafe are in different positions, and Nosecone has his yellow missiles.

On the counterfeit, the first transformation step photograph is missing the hip stickers.

On the counterfeit, the third transformation step photograph is too close to the right edge of the grid.