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Counterfeit Scorponok ID Guide

Box Differences

  1. The counterfeit has too much space between the Japanese Transformers logo and the side of the box.
  2. Too much space between the Decepticon logo and the Transformers logo.
  3. The grid pattern behind the Scorponok robot artwork is completely different on the counterfeit.
  4. The rock to the left of Scorponok's scorpion mode picture touches the edge of the photo on the counterfeit.
  5. There is too much space between the left edge of the the base mode photo and the base mode ramp on the counterfeit box.
  6. Also on the base mode picture, the text in the lower right is too small on the counterfeit.
  7. The vertical line between the base mode and scorpion mode photos intersects with the scorpion legs on the counterfeit.
  8. Scorponok's name in the yellow box near the bottom is too centered on the counterfeit.

Toy/Contents Differences

  1. The copyright says "HRSBRO" instead of "HASBRO"
  2. There is no styro, just a molded cardboard insert.